Customer-Centric Approach to Transform Business

Kirill Tatarinov, EVP, Microsoft Business Solution
Kirill Tatarinov, EVP, Microsoft Business Solution

Kirill Tatarinov, EVP, Microsoft Business Solution

The implications of the connected world of today to businesses are staggering. Peoples’ expectations have changed  dramatically: 70 percent of the buying experience is based on how the  customer feels they are being treated; more than 90  percent never complain, but simply leave and never come back; 70 percent of  customers form their opinion from their first  interaction—and it sticks; 86 percent of customers are happy to pay more for superior service. Businesses need the best  solutions to keep up with the transformative changes taking place around the world. Greater connections, more access to  information and more interactions with peer groups have resulted in people being more empowered and more enlightened.
"The Microsoft Cloud delivers not only an open  and flexible Cloud Platformin Windows Azure and in  Office 365, but also  includes a Customer-centric Cloud Business Application in Dynamics CRM Online"
This Era of the Customer means new challenges and opportunities for business.  To win in this new era, businesses must have both the technology that optimizes for these experiences and the right changes in their culture and approach to customers.  Businesses must have an approach that emphasizes  human connections that remain at the heart of business success. Only then  can they deliver the amazing and consistent experiences that are today’s new currency.
Microsoft’s Expertise in Tackling Future Challenges
With the fast moving business environment, CIOs should move with renewed urgency to make these shifts. This is an area where  Microsoft has the expertise to help leaders transform their business to meet the challenges of the future.
It starts with CIOs understanding their customers, having deep insight into their business environments and selecting  business solutions that not only meet those needs today,  but also to help them prepare for the future.That means the  technology they choose needs to be designed for businesses in this new era. It needs to be agile, flexible and help give them information and insights at the right time to make smarter decisions.
Technology alone is not enough though. Business leaders must also champion significant changes in the culture of companies to accept and embrace this new reality,creating an environment that takes full advantage of technology, collaboration and  insights so people can better serve the customer. In this  era of the customer, every interaction matters,so making every  employee become customercentric is critical. This change of culture must start with leadership–building trust among employees and trusting them to meet the needs of customers.  Advanced technology, coupled with the right cultural shifts, will position businesses to deliver amazing customer experiences.  Experiences are the currency in this new era, and companies that  succeed will deliver experiences that are consistent, in the right setting, and intentional—l with every interaction being  personal and having a purpose.
Unified Cloud Platform with Microsoft Cloud
Our commitment is to help our customers thrive in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. The Microsoft Cloud provides a unified  cloud platform with a complete array of infrastructure services and cloud business solutions—all accessible through the  devices people love and with tools that enable business to unlock the right insights at the right time. This means turning  mass data into useful insights; transforming social collaboration into a simple and natural process; making sense of the  ocean of social conversations and measuring responses to  customer concerns with a stopwatch and not a calendar. The  Microsoft Cloud delivers not only an open and flexible Cloud Platform in  Windows Azure and a Cloud Productivity suite in Office 365, but also includes a Customer-centric Cloud Business Application in Dynamics CRM Online that delivers amazing  customer experiences through sales productivity, smarter marketing, and customer  service. These technologies deliver value  in the areas that organizations need most to connect with their customers to help them increase customer loyalty and turn  people into enthusiastic fans of their brand.

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