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Rhys Jones, General Manager
Enterprises are beginning to perceive the advantages of fusing collaboration tools with their day-to-day business processes. Uniting numerous information streams, enhancing information sharing, and reducing IT costs through collaboration devices can enhance profitability and efficiency. One of the most sought after collaboration platforms for businesses in the mid-market is Microsoft’s SharePoint. Evolving over the years, this platform has paved the way for several enterprises to combine various functions such as workflow management, business intelligence web content management, and enterprise application store under one system. However, companies still face a challenge in utilizing SharePoint to its fullest capability. “Many CIOs hold the license to use SharePoint, but they hardly have a basic idea of its features. Hence, the executives want to know how to get the most out of SharePoint for their organization,” says Rhys Jones, General Manager, Affirma Consulting.

Affirma, with deep expertise in SharePoint, assists enterprises on the various aspects of migrating tools and workflows, and helps them be more efficient in all the operational processes. “We confront the issues around adoption, whether the cause is training, usability, information architecture, content, or functionality,” states Jones. Affirma guides clients to monitor the Return On Investment (ROI) of their SharePoint investment through analytics and usage reports. Since SharePoint exhibits enormous potential with its hundreds of features, firms are unable to spend enough time to understand the characteristics of this application to make the most of it.With Affirma’s proficiency and wide knowledge on SharePoint, organizations can enable IT departments to utilize the complete potential of the application. Eventually, through Affirma’s intervention, customers can save hundreds of hours in terms of figuring out the right feature and configuration to accomplish the tasks necessary for their business.

Affirma has helped hundreds of clients with successful SharePoint consulting projects. For instance, Tulalip Resort Casino approached Affirma to help them create a central location to store information that was dispersed throughout disparate parts of the organization. Affirma took up the challenge and deployed their strong business analyst team to understand Tulalip’s core issues.

With Affirma’s proficiency and wide knowledge on SharePoint, organizations can enable IT departments to utilize the complete potential of the application

“We came up with an information architecture solution that consolidated all organizational information into two distinct areas: one for managing Tulalip guests, and another for managing internal Tulalip employee content,” says Jones.

Furthermore, a Guest Management section was created within their SharePoint site that brought together the entire different knowledge streams within the organization. Affirma’s approach helped centralize complete information that is used by Tulalip employees for providing their guests best-in-class service. “Every single department collaborated together to treat their guests like a single organization rather than disparate departments,” shares Jones.

Affirma considers customer satisfaction as the lifeblood of their overall presence and growth. “Our obsession toward customer experience helped us to pay more importance to the most specific issues. We furnish our customers with multiple channels through which we receive feedback about their experience with Affirma,” asserts Jones. The feedback helps the company align practices in order and meet the high customer demands by organizing initial engagements, deployments, and ongoing support.

For the road ahead, Affirma intends to evaluate and expand its services across the globe. “We will be opening offices in California, Southern U.S., and the East Coast and making our service offerings more robust in the near future to meet the demands of our clients,” concludes Jones.

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Rhys Jones, General Manager

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