Aureus Tech Systems: Sharepoint Workflow Solutions for Smart Enterprises

Sujata Bhattarai, CEO
The SharePoint ecosystem today is abuzz with farm solutions and advanced capabilities that are ena-bling CIOs across different verticals with bet¬ter end user adoption and support for an integrated mix of deliverables. This has eventually resulted in enterprises crafting better engagement strategies for their users on the SharePoint platform as its scope extends well beyond basic document management. Sharepoint based workflow solutions automate business processes across organizations with cloud based executions that can be consolidated onto a single platform.

“Aureus takes a very bottom up approach when designing and implementing any enterprise SharePoint site,” explains Sujata Bhattarai, CEO, Aureus Tech Systems. Based out of Centennial, Colorado, Aureus Tech Systems specializes in providing end-to-end consulting for on-premise and cloud based SharePoint solutions. The firm is a technology solutions partner for reknowned enterprises across geographies that range from high profile IT consultancies to inter¬national law firms. “We have a repeatable blue print that we use in engaging with users and key stakeholders in the initial consulting and design phase.”

With a proven expertise in guiding clients through structured Sharepoint implementations, the team at Aureus identifies the manual and semi-automated workflows within an enterprise to formulate solutions to optimize its operations using the SharePoint workflow capabilities as an enabler. After the critical lines of business applications have been identified and the feasibility of hosting them on Sharepoint evaluated, next in line is a recce of the reporting system of the enterprise. The company has Interactive Reporting and BI dashboard accelerators that enable consolidation of its clients’ reporting needs within SharePoint. These accelerators help the client in increasing adoption in the enterprise, implementing features like video based knowledge management tools, and training videos in the enterprise SharePoint platform.

“A centralized SharePoint portal that hosts a company’s document management, collaboration, work-flows, line of business applications and reporting is bedrock of our success,” remarks Bhattarai. A consolidated portal standardizes workflows, communication and internal processes thereby driving the operational efficiency in an enterprise as the employees don’t have to log into multiple applications for various processes.

We have a repeatable blue print that we use in engaging with users and key stakeholders in the initial consulting and design phase

Aureus prides itself on one of its first implementations for its client Jamba Juice, wherein a centrally integrated portal was created with capabilities to integrate their line of business applications, workflows, reporting and content collaboration needs. Aureus’s Sharepoint solutions helped the client in implementing their entire back office technology in a Sharepoint ecosystem while significantly improving its operational efficiencies.

Aureus’s focused expertise in providing a customized and seamless migration from 2007/2010 to 2013 SharePoint version encompasses installation, configuration and development services for web parts. The 2013 version is geared towards client side processing which in turn enables a rich and responsive user interface, and the deployment of single page applications within the Sharepoint ecosystem. The company has a dedicated R&D team based out of its Denver delivery center, involved in the creation of re-usable UI components, accelerators and proof of concepts to establish technical feasibility.

Aureus operates along the principles of building on its core competencies, Sharepoint and Business Intelligence solutions. They endeavor to establish themselves as a value based solutions provider with an emphasis on increasing operational efficiencies for its clients. The company aims to make substantial technological investments in two key areas in the near future: on building its capabilities around a rich and responsive UI to enhance user experience and providing personalized SharePoint solutions. The firm is keen on exploring the predictive analytics scene, as they plan on building models that would help their clients in augmenting their decision making capabilities. “Outside of our core expertise, we are also focusing on predictive analytics in our BI offering,” concludes Bhattarai.

Aureus Tech Systems

Centennial, CO

Sujata Bhattarai, CEO

Provider of bespoke enterprise Sharepoint solutions.