QS Solutions: Collaboration and Resource-Sharing with SharePoint

Paul Dols, CEO
With the rise of BYOD and companies expanding their geographic boundaries, CIOs have to provide easy access to applications and resources from the cloud. However, when adopting the cloud, CIOs must ensure that they employ robust security measures to protect the shared assets without compromising on the existing functionality of on premise solutions. Today, many companies are offering cloud based solutions to foster collaboration with external parties, secure data, and provide access to information. QS Solutions, has been developing products to deliver secure environments to help their clients work in harmony with their customers. “The big challenge for CIOs is to secure the companies’ data without making concessions on the users’ productivity and flexibility when collaborating with external parties,” says Paul Dols, CEO of QS Solutions. The firm meets this need by helping their clients in empowering their users with state-of-the-art collaboration platform that is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

The firm’s flagship offering, PortalTalk, is a platform that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate with SharePoint, and work with applications, partners, and customers without compromising on their company structure and compliance requirements. The platform runs on Microsoft Azure and is a multitenant service and uses the organizations existing infrastructure. “The Azure Rights Management for document encryption and SharePoint and Office 365 have helped in improving the accessibility of our clients,” says Dols. It can also be leveraged to start conversations, find, edit, and share documents, view tasks, find colleagues, exchange thoughts, and develop ideas together. With the growing number of firms opting to use SharePoint as an extension to ERP or CRM systems, PortalTalk offers a means to automate the process of creating a new site with access controls.“If a new project is created in ERP, our Governance Automation Suite creates a SharePoint site with the right template and invites the right users with the right access rights,” says Dols.

Our solution has helped our clients to maintain control over data in file-sharing applications and has increased the productivity of their employees

A number of SharePoint modules, called Add ins, have been developed to standardized functionality like the News Add in, People Add in, and Poll Add in. The firm also offers Add ins to handle pictures, resources, tiles, and digital meetings on the platform.

The products from QS Solutions have been leveraged by clients operating in diverse verticals such as healthcare and logistics. In one instance, a health organization, that maintained their company portal on SharePoint, was able to create a new site, for projects or communities, and share the site with their colleagues for sharing documents and other resources, without involving IT department. They were also able to invite partners and contractors to collaborate as all documents, planning, and conversations were held in one place in a secure environment. “Our solution has helped our clients to maintain control over data in file sharing applications and has increased the productivity of their employees,” says Dols.

QS Solutions, credits their success in the market to their efforts in delivering innovative products and the ability to entertain new ideas and incorporate them into their offerings. “We also hold weekly calls with the developers and strategists of Microsoft in the U.S. to enable us to quickly adapt to upcoming changes,” says Dols.

For the future, the firm aims to incorporate self-service functionality into PortalTalk to improve the user productivity and job satisfaction levels. The firm has efforts in place to expand the reach of PortalTalk by creating an international partner channel of SharePoint implementation partner.

QS Solutions

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Paul Dols, CEO

A firm that offers PortalTalk to promote safe collaboration with third parties and manage users on Microsoft SharePoint.

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