WorkPoint: Transforming SharePoint into a Business-Critical Solution Platform

Developing business-critical processes in SharePoint requires extensive specialist development in order to achieve the full benefits of the platform. The development process can be tedious and costly while the outcome of the finished solution is unknown, bringing about the risk factor. WorkPoint, develops standard solution atop SharePoint. The system architecture of WorkPoint ensures governance, “any corrections to a master site can be corrected at all sites,” begins Peter Jorgensen, CEO of WorkPoint. “This is important to ensure reliable data collection—a feature which is not possible in standard SharePoint.” The WorkPoint platform—on-premise or cloud—is a knowledge portal on SharePoint for on-premise and SharePoint Online for cloud. “In the platform, it is easy to create new sites—because it works with buffer sites,” says Jorgensen. Another very important feature that completes SharePoint is that WorkPoint offers automatic inheriting of data. “It is also possible to aggregate data into the system. WorkPoint also increases the number of site collections.” All these capabilities enable WorkPoint to create business-critical solutions in an effective manner without the need for bulk development and programming. The platform adds a number of tools to SharePoint which simplify the process of building solutions from project, case and relationship management to contract management. WorkPoint manages critical data and ensures knowledge sharing. “The WorkPoint platform, widely characterized as an electronic case and document management system, is a powerful tool for moving Lotus Notes solutions efficiently and cheaply over to SharePoint,” Jorgensen points out.

Emerging out of the WorkPoint platform is WorkPoint Server, the on-premise version and WorkPoint 365, the cloud version, based on SharePoint and SharePoint Online, respectively. WorkPoint Server transforms SharePoint to a business-critical solution platform, providing easy integration with ERP, BI, CRM, and various Microsoft projects. According to the CEO, the product is unrestricting and its open structure is adaptable to any line of business— infusing a much needed malleability angle to it. WorkPoint Server delivers a complete overview in a single dashboard and integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Office in a complete manner.

“WorkPoint 365 is a perfect tool for dynamic case, contact and project management in the Cloud.

WorkPoint is a standard solution built atop SharePoint. The system architecture of WorkPoint ensures governance; any corrections to a master site will be corrected at all sites

As the cloud-based solutions are part of several businesses’ future gambits, WorkPoint 365 now assures that the functionality achieved in an on-premise solution can be channeled into the cloud as well,” reveals Jorgensen. “The product delivers close integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel along with providing the latest updates without fail.”

Arkil, one of the largest contractors in Denmark, wanted to future-proof their processes and workflows. The company was finding it imperative to enhance knowledge-sharing and rolled out a case management system from WorkPoint. Arkil’s WorkPoint solution, based on the SharePoint platform with integration to Navision, collated all the relevant information on a case in a single place and achieved a high degree of knowledge-sharing across the organization. Arkil conducted an internal satisfaction survey over its new knowledge-sharing processes for which the responses have all been very positive and lived up to the goals.

Having been recognized as the ISV of the year 2015 in Denmark, WorkPoint is planning a strong focus on expanding the company’s partner channel in the Scandinavian and European market. “This means we can provide better support by having a partner in the customer’s region. Our focus is on cloud-first and our future strategy is strongly influenced by that of Microsoft,” ends Jorgensen.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Jorgensen, CEO

The WorkPoint platform—on-premise or cloud—is a knowledge portal on SharePoint for on-premise and SharePoint Online for cloud.