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Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner
Collaboration today is creating a major predicament for technology spearheads and industry leaders. Certainly, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring the right tools and resources for successful collaboration are in place, but the “why, what and how” of ensuring a successful collaboration strategy are often overlooked. “A successful collaboration initiative has to consider the reason for use, the options available and how to measure success and take action,” states Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner of AgreeYa Solutions.

Based in Folsom, Calif., AgreeYa Solutions develops ready-to-implement intranet and collaboration solutions on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, and offers end-to-end solutions for cross-team communication and collaboration, combining the right tools and the right approach including adoption and governance structure to make it a success. The company’s innovative and comprehensive methodologies help companies get future-ready solutions in less time and cost.

For instance, Europe’s largest engineering company was struggling with the challenge of collaboration as its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) team was 8,000 members strong and spread across countries and continents. It needed an intranet portal that not only offered them a platform to share and store information but also enabled a real-time collaboration. “We worked closely with the PLM team to understand the business objective, the challenges that they were facing and the immediate goals that they wanted to accomplish. We proposed to implement SocialXtend—a product that the client immediately liked due to its flexible architecture, robust framework, ease of implementation and scalability,” says Kaul. Upon implementation, the client eliminated the traditional risks associated with development projects and got a future-ready product in half the time and with a significant cost advantage.

As a global provider of software, solutions and services focused on deploying business-driven, technology-enabled solutions, AgreeYa creates next-generation competitive advantages for customers. AgreeYa is also recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and delivers expertise and solution-based consulting, utilizing Microsoft tools and technologies to implement SharePoint for organizations worldwide.

A successful collaboration initiative has to consider the reason for use, the options available and how to measure success and take action

“With our QuickApps suite of applications, users can unleash SharePoint’s full potential without needing coding for creating apps and every customization and enhancement to SharePoint,” says Kaul. QuickApps enables users to build applications that can be easily supported, maintained, and upgraded to ensure long-term impact and return on investment. The other solutions in the firm’s portfolio include offerings such as BeatBlip and VDIXtend. BeatBlip helps simplify automating software testing without the need for scripting, delivering 90 percent reduction in cycle time and 40 percent savings in cost of testing. Whereas, VDIXtend is an easy-to-use, desktop-as-a-service or cloud-hosted virtual desktop (HVD) solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device. All of AgreeYa’s software products are available with a limited period trial. AgreeYa further caters support services for product and application maintenance.

AgreeYa invests greatly in innovation through its information technology Lab (iLab). “As part of iLabs, we also work on developing Solution Delivery Accelerators (SDA) that create new ways of delivering projects faster and with greater efficiency thereby providing the customers with great cost and time advantage,” elaborates Kaul. Furthermore, leveraging iLabs, AgreeYa delivers expertise and solution-based SharePoint implementation consulting.

With continuous innovation, global delivery capability, key technology partnerships and subject matter expertise, AgreeYa’s vision is to be recognized as a leading global provider of technology and business solutions through innovation, commitment and talent. “In terms of expansion in offerings, we are currently bringing a few innovative solutions around cloud and collaboration. We are also working toward a highly ambitious R&D project on artificial intelligence and mobility,” concludes Kaul.

AgreeYa Solutions

Folsom, CA

Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner

AgreeYa is a global provider of software, solutions, and services focused on deploying business-driven, technology-enabled solutions that create next-generation competitive advantages for customers

AgreeYa Solutions