Metalogix: The SharePoint Meta-Vendors

Back in the early 2000s, when the coterie trio of Julien Sellgren, Geordie Henderson, and Rasool Rayani founded Metalogix Software, it was just an independent software vendor based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. But as small as Metalogix may have seemed, the firm was working hard at resolving a major problem—to define the future of SharePoint and Office 365 management.

Metalogix has come a long way over the last 15 years, from the foothills of SharePoint to the edge of the cloud. But it wasn’t a merry ride! The IT teams within organizations wanted seamless retrievals of email, files, and other content; legal team wanted a compliant method to answer eDiscovery requests; and users wanted access to their content from any device. So what transpired in the firm’s innovation lab that kept everyone happy? With innovative Information Archiving and Storage Management Solutions, Metalogix allowed its clientele to juggle these demands, reduced the expensive database size, improved searchability, simplified archiving, and slashed storage costs.

In 2001, Metalogix became the first company to develop a content migration solution for Microsoft. Today, the company’s primary, Content Matrix, enables firms to move, upgrade, and organize SharePoint content—on-premises or in the cloud.

How are the firms reaping benefits? Here are some examples: COWI, an international consulting group wants to migrate 10TB of critical business data? Done! MOEITS, an IT service corporation needs support for its 250 local users and an additional 27,000 union members across Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa? Done! Highly secured extranet for ATS’ Automation Tools? Done! By optimizing the availability, performance and security of their clientele’s content across their collaboration lifecycle, Metalogix help them leverage the full capabilities of collaboration as a force for value creation.

As Adam Levithan, Director of Product Management, Metalogix mentions, Metalogix proffers organizations with the flexibility of hybrid SharePoint, and new-fangled technologies. By offering a comprehensive set of performance and continuity capabilities, the firm ensures seamless access to content for all users of an organization. Performance degradation can be deduced even before it is reported, and improvements can be implemented on cloud or on-premises components. This optimizes organizational databases to condense costs, and ensure maximum uptime.

With features such as 100 percent availability, root cause analysis, multi-level disaster recovery, and user-enabled document restore, Metalogix’s SharePoint and Office 365 solutions enable global teams to deliver insights into collaboration issues. As Sean Donahue, SharePoint Migration Architect / Team Lead, Now Business Intelligenc (NBI) says, “Metalogix’s look and feel was straight-forward, simple, and user-friendly than the other products we tested.

We’ve been instrumental in helping hundreds of companies migrate their SharePoint data to the cloud and continue to deliver unprecedented performance, manageability and productivity

This allowed us to automate our GUI process and increase speeds up to 10 xs.”

As a long-term consultant and trusted advisor, with an over eight-year history of past performance with a large federal system integrator, NBI was entrusted to evaluate options to perform the project with efficiency. NBI evaluated three vendor solutions and the clear winner across the board was Metalogix Content Matrix. On being chosen as a vendor for an innovative information strategies and software firm, Mike Lees, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Metalogix states, “Complex migration projects require close attention to process, compliance, and compatibility. Using Metalogix Content Matrix, companies can be assured that close attention is paid to each of these.”

Solving the SharePoint quandaries

Metalogix is the market-leading provider of solutions to move, manage, and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms today, but their journey to the top of the ladder, started in 2010 when the firm acquired the StoragePoint product from BlueThread Technologies. In the span of next 2 years, Metalogix build an all-inclusive SharePoint platform which would cater Information Archiving & Storage Management, Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity, SharePoint Security & Information Governance, SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations, and Migration Planning & Environmental Analysis.

By externalizing content into more appropriate storage, Metalogix solves performance, scalability, and collaboration quandaries. But for a collaboration platform to support an organization’s business needs, flexibility must be proffered according to the user demands, along with the control and safety. Metalogix delivers SharePoint security and information governance by intelligent discovery of sensitive data, automating policy enforcement, monitoring anomalous activity, easing SharePoint permissions and auditing frameworks, and closing the risk loop.

What adds to their innovative solution portfolio is the migration planning and environment analysis solutions.
Their SharePoint solution slashes the time and cost associated with identifying and executing the way forward for an organization’s SharePoint environment. Metalogix’s tool simplifies the migration process of its clientele by providing insight into the active SharePoint groups, identifying power users, and assisting organizations deliver according to the end-users post migration expectation. Clients’ IT teams are rendered with the knowledge of underlying server dependencies, and network and database infrastructure. In addition, an organization’s content structure is also determined and altered which reduces the chances of a probable risk during migration.

And Metalogix is not just stopping there! To help enable System Integrators (SIs) establish a more repeatable and successful Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 content migration practice, the firm has enhanced its Metalogix Advantage Partner Program (MAPP). The new program includes Metalogix’s Business-in-a-Box, a starter kit that contains the information, training, and content required to establish and maintain a data migration practice. While the new offering may not be surprising given Metalogix’s history of partnering with Micosoft, accelerating the move to SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 by providing simplified setup is yet another step in Metalogix’s overall push toward a comprehensive software portfolio.

The meta-bond with Microsoft

Metalogix and Microsoft have been longtime partners. Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and was named a managed partner in the Microsoft High Potential ISV Group. Metalogix is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center. Further, Metalogix and Microsoft Consulting Services are partnering in a joint road show in cities across the U.S. and Europe to share how the two companies can better enable users to improve business productivity, increase security and enhance operational efficiency with a SharePoint move to the cloud.

"Complex migration projects require close attention to process, compliance and compatibility. Using Metalogix Content Matrix companies can be assured that close attention is paid to each of these"

Metalogix currently has more than 20,000 enterprise customers globally, including organizations in the legal, financial, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, apparel, public sector, and academic verticals. With more than 20,000 organizations relying on Metalogix’s solutions to optimize and simplify their Microsoft environments, the firm is taking the SharePoint space by storm. “Metalogix has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on its leadership position built around Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. I am excited to leverage that foundation and help our customers master what it takes to be successful in an increasingly complex cloud-based collaboration space,” concludes Ben Levitan, CEO, Metalogix.


Washington, DC

Ben Levitan, CEO

Metalogix provides solutions to move, manage, and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises