DocAuto: Complete Control of Your SharePoint Ecosystem

David Kiefer, CEO
Business environments continue to undergo massive digital transformation, and Microsoft SharePoint is a key part of that transition. However, many companies are finding it extremely difficult to manage SharePoint or extract data without a lot of complex scripting.

To tackle this problem, DocAuto has built a solution called SPorganizer™ - a new way for organizations to take control of their SharePoint environments. “One of the unique aspects of SPorganizer is that it’s built for the capabilities of the entire SharePoint platform and is designed for any kind of use case,” states David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto.

SPorganizer provides unlimited management flexibility, and the ability for organizations to extract actionable data immediately out of their SharePoint environment. “It really doesn’t matter what system an organization’s data is in, what they want to do with their data, what kind of organization it is—big or small, or what vertical or geographical territory they are in,” Kiefer adds.

Security and compliance are also important issues, especially in the U.S. where there is a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Implementing these changes enterprise-wide within a system like SharePoint can be an extremely complex and daunting task. “In a world of ever-changing requirements, IT and business leaders need a way to gain better control and easily make updates as business needs change,” he says.

DocAuto’s success comes from their experience of building innovative enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for more than two decades. A few years ago, Microsoft approached them to design ECM solutions for the SharePoint platform. The result was SPorganizer, a project that is today one of the company’s main focal points.

DocAuto has another SharePoint solution called ePredict that helps organizations protect one of their most important information assets: email. “Unfortunately, ineffective email management not only presents risk and compliance problems, but also prevents employees from quickly finding the content they need to keep up with business demands.”

“With ePredict, we perform the predictive analytics in real-time, as the user composes an email, makes it effortless for them to indicate which messages they want to store in SharePoint and where they want them to be stored. This is done with “zero additional click” tagging of sent and received email messages as part of the normal email processing flow,” says Kiefer.

Designing a solution built for the capabilities of the entire SharePoint platform is a very important aspect of what we are delivering with SPorganizer

By including email in a shareable, searchable, and secure environment like SharePoint, organizations can also make sure they are protecting valuable email content, maximizing the organization value of these communications, while assuring conformity with any compliance issues.

A recent success story of DocAuto involves a global financial services institution that was an early adopter of SharePoint. Over the years, the client had a lot of growth, and implementations started springing up in every department. The company didn’t really have a handle on how SharePoint was being used and whether or not they were in compliance. “They partnered with us and saw that our open-ended, platform-centric approach in designing and implementing SPorganizer really suited their needs. They had tried other “point solutions”, products designed for specific limited use cases, but discovered that SPorganizer was the only solution on the market that lets them take control of their entire SharePoint environment while driving greater efficiencies and effectiveness across the organization,” says Kiefer.

Kiefer says he’s a bit of perfectionist, something which also drives the DocAuto team to develop the highest quality solutions. “Designing a solution built for the capabilities of the entire SharePoint platform is a very important aspect of what we are delivering with SPorganizer. We don’t make assumptions about what organizations want to do with their data; our solution provides an unlimited degree of flexibility and granularity so they can take control of their SharePoint environment whatever their unique issues may be.”

“We’re not trying to do consulting or lock people into a solution that’s going to need extensive professional services. It’s really the opposite. Our customers know what their business needs are. DocAuto SPorganizer can be installed and implemented in less than half an hour, and start providing real value the same day,” he adds.


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David Kiefer, CEO

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